My take…

…on the Zimmerman not guilty verdict:

No one knows what REALLY happened anyway except maybe Zimmerman but even then he may not remember things clearly… I don’t expect I would either if I felt the need to pull a gun and pull the trigger. Zimmerman endured his right to trial and due process played out to a not guilty verdict. Case closed – and oh by the way his life is pretty much ruined no thanks to the media. If anyone that mattered thought racial hatred was at play here the jury wouldn’t have come up with not guilty. People kill people and few killings are justified (actual self defense cases) and most are unjustified – and most likely much more than we know are more complicate than that. Part of the truth dies with the one(s) killed and the rest of the truth is so filleted and so battered by the dishonest people prosecuting and/or defending the killer… that actual truth is never known.

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