If they can why can’t we?  Am I right?  Or do we not have…

If they can why can’t we?  Am I right?  Or do we not have the right to free speech?

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5 thoughts on “If they can why can’t we?  Am I right?  Or do we not have…

  1. Mostly because straight people have never been made to feel ashamed that they should have to reinforce pride in being straight.

    But pride in either is silly. I didn’t choose to be straight to take any pride in being so. Any more than I should take pride in the color of my skin, or eyes, or how many siblings I have, or any other thing I have no control over.

    • I mostly agree with you. Does one really not have control over their sexual preference? Hell yes we do! It is absurd to think otherwise. I posses the ability to go have gay sex or straight sex with another woman just as much as I have the ability to commit myself to my wife and only have sex with her… and I chose every day to commit myself to my wife. If no – then does one really have control over anything? Say eating, alcohol or drug consumption? Are we all just slaves to some mystic, relative, unseen force that makes us do things or be something and we are helpless to fight it? Can you imagine how terrible this world would be if this was true? There has to be absolute truth and there has to an absolute moral standard. Why is murder wrong? Where did we get the notion that taking someone’s life was wrong or bad? Did we as a world society just get together one day and decide that? NO! Why do people think homosexuality is wrong in the first place? Because we’re smug and self-righteous? NO! We believe in an absolute truth and an absolute moral standard. I didn’t decide that homosexuality is wrong – God did and the Bible is very clear on the issue. The Bible is also very clear that we are ALL sinners. Sin is the only thing we are born with. The Bible is very clear that lying, cheating, stealing, drunkenness, murder, and a lot of other things are sins just as much as homosexuality is. The bottom line is God created a man and a woman and He created them to be together to enjoy each other and to procreate. Once Adam and Eve sinned then God’s design was marred and humans choose to do things that God didn’t design or intend.

      • I possess the physical ability to have sex with another woman, I lack the psychological desire to do so. That is what I have no control over. I don’t control my *sexual orientation* anymore than a gay person does.

        You are confusing sexual action with sexual attraction.

        You can believe the Bible, I’m not interested in arguing theology. But to answer your question, the point is no one ever made you feel ashamed for being straight, so you have no real need to express pride in being so. People who are gay, who have no choice in the matter, are made to feel ashamed, so it makes sense that they are the ones who would want to express pride in being who they are.

  2. Still don’t agree with you on action vs attraction. I have known people that had same sex attractions but they knew it was wrong. But just because you have them doesn’t mean you’re gay and it doesn’t mean you have to surrender to them. There are times where it would feel very natural to beat the shit out of someone but just because it feels natural doesn’t mean it is what I should do. It feels good or natural to have yet other helping of food or another beer but I know that imposing limits on what I consume is best. It feels good and natural to keep sleeping but what if I said “I had no choice I had to stay in bed and keep sleeping!” – that wouldn’t fare well with the boss would it?

    I do agree with you on the topic of straight people (up until this point) never being made to feel ashamed. Our country is in a moral and ethical free fall/paradigm shift and those that believe in moral absolutes are the ones being made to look like the bigots and the haters.

    • You are again confusing action with attraction.

      I can stay in bed because it feels good. Getting out of bed doesn’t change the fact that it felt good to me to stay in bed. I can even go so far as to never go back to bed, but that won’t change the fact that being in bed felt good. So the choice to get out of bed does not remove the non-choice of the feeling that it felt good.

      Whether a person is gay or straight, they can choose not to act upon those attractions, but it does not make the attraction itself a choice, nor does it make it go away. And frankly, I’d rather two gay men be with each other honestly than have a gay man try to be with me to hide his homosexuality. That isn’t fair to either of us. I want a man who actually desires to be with me.

      If a person is gay, they’re gay. If they are not prevented through their own religious belief from acting on that attraction, then let them act on it. I drink wine, I eat beef, I don’t cover my hair. Other philosophies or religions may outlaw these acts, but I have no reason to follow someone else’s beliefs. Thank god we live in a country where I am not forced to follow someone else’s religion.

      Just keep that in mind. You can believe the Bible, you can believe it’s true, you can believe that your version of God is the only one – but you can’t make someone else believe it, too, or expect them to act according to your beliefs.

      If you think homosexuality is wrong, don’t engage in homosexual behavior. But just because someone else thinks drinking alcohol is a sin against god shouldn’t prevent you from having another beer. And what the hell, if you want to hold a straight pride parade, go for it. You’re absolutely free to do so.

      I just think it’s a little ridiculous is all.

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