Maybe the American people and our government will take this opportunity to overhaul the IRS in to a simple, powerless entity that merely collects a flat/fair tax.  No deductions, no exemptions, no special treatment for anyone.  Everyone simply pays the same rate.  Tax rates could go down, government makes more money, IRS isn’t a threat anymore.  

Americans should be perfectly OK with paying a fair/flat tax that has very little to no complexity – it is a small price to pay for living in the best country in the history of the entire world.  Calculating taxes due should be a simple math function that a 5th grader should do: income * tax rate = taxes due.  There’s no reason why it should be any more complicated than this.  

Why do we insist on having such a laughably complex tax code?  KISS.  KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

I think that if we overhaul the IRS in this way the economy would boom so much that the ex-IRS employees wouldn’t have any problems finding real jobs elsewhere.

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