Using the liberals’ logic all sorts of things should be banned other than just guns.

Yeah no, cars are used for a variety of things. We use them to transport goods and people, we use them to bring sick and injured people to hospitals to get help, and, unfortunately, some people have to live in them. Cars are far more useful than guns will ever be.  Guns are strictly for killing. So stop with the stupid ‘cars kill people!’ Cars are far, far more useful than guns. Okay?

Lol- the liberals just don’t get it. The idea is that objects don’t do the killing; the person misusing the object does the killing.

Imagine what this country would be like if we all chose to do the right thing; if we weren’t consumed with self-pity; if we actually exercised self-control; if we had a moral code that to live by that kept us from wronging our fellow man…

You can’t legislate morality in to people. Taking weapons away in an attempt to stop killing is the equivalent of giving a bandaid to someone with leprosy… It isn’t treating the root problem.


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