“In a world of increasing international crises and internal eruption
nation rises against nation around the world and sin abounds at home
world powers aim an ever-increasing array of complex nuclear weapons
at each other while they speak of peace
The world at war seems incredibly imminent
While the stage is set for a global holocaust
an unsuspecting home audience
ignorantly sings a blissful tune

The world’s moral fiber is being eaten away by a Playboy philosophy
that makes personal pleasure
the supreme rule of life
Hedonism catches fire while home crumble
crime soars while the church grows sour
drugs, divorce, and debauchery prevail
and decency dies

Frivolty dances in the streets
faith is buried
“In God We Trust”
has become a meaningless slogan
stamped on corroding coins
In this world of crisis and chaos
the prophet Habakkuk speaks with clarity
heed his admonition
heed his warning
Take heart for through intercession
worry transforms to worship
fear turns to faith
terror becomes trust
doubts resolved with hope
and anguish melts into adoration
then the heart can rest
in the surety that Christ is King
…and patiently awaits His return

Come Lord Jesus!
Come Lord Jesus!
Bring Your glory!
Come Lord Jesus!
Come Lord Jesus!
Bring your justice”


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